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Chips for self sufficient kids

We have kids and we want to live self sufficient. So when they ask for crisps, I dig up* some potatoes, slice them really thin and fry them until they’re crispy. (* For real! The best spot to keep potatoes is in the soil, under a thick layer of mulch!)
And when you fry potatoes, you realize that you can also slice carrots really thin. And sweet potatoes. And Jeruzalem artichokes, beetroot and celeriac (the root). Crispy vegetables are surprisingly delicious! And the best thing is that there is ONLY this root or vegetable in it. No MSG, no colors or preservatives.

homemade potato chips
DIY potato crisps

How I make potato chips:
1. I slice the potato as thin as I can (a potato peeler works well)
2. put the frying pan or grill pan on the stove with a bit of grease (oil, or pig fat)
3. fry the slices on medium heat until they curl.
4. put them on paper so most of the grease can drip of

Tip 1: Don’t put too much in the pan at once.
Tip 2: You can add salt, and/or rosemary/oregano/tym/paprika
Tip 3: When you are experimenting with making chips, please give thicker slices a try. They are our favorite because they’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Kale chipsKale chips
Something else the kids (and us) really like, is kale chips. Very easy to make and very healthy.
1. tear or cut the kale leafs in bite size pieces (without the stems)
2. put them in an oven dish & sprinkle a bit of oil over them
3. bake in the oven for a few minutes. Keep an eye on them because they burn easily!
4. sprinkle salt over them

Bon apetit!

On Saturday November 1st 2014 we’ll host “Bread with wool”, a workshop about making your own sourdough bread and working (cleaning, carding, spinning, felting) with raw sheep wool. I think we’ll serve a big bowl of kale chips during the break because the kale is doing great this year!