Barbara’s pumpkin soup with options

With Halloween and the pumpkins getting ripe in the garden, I’d like to share my basic pumpkin soup recipe. It is a basis with many flavor-options!

Frying onions & pumpkin before you add water
Frying onions & pumpkin before you add water

The basis:
1. Chop an onion (or 2) and fry it golden
2. add crushed and chopped garlic, as much as you like
3. add a pumpkin/squash in cubes, and fry a bit
4. add options “A”
5. add water so everything is covered and boil 15-20 minutes until all is soft.
6. add options “B”
7. mash the soup with your potato masher or with a blender.

And now the options that make it an even more delicious soup! “A” for the ingredients that need a bit frying & cooking, “B” for the optional ingredients that you should add just before serving.

Options A:
– Add potato or sweet potato or jeruzalem artichoke with the pumpkin cubes to add more volume, vitamins and fibers
– Add coconut cream (goes well with the sweet potatoes!)
– Add thym and/or oregano and/or rosemary
– Add 10 or 20 whole cloves of garlic. They become soft & sweet & delicious in the soup!
– Add red hot chilli peppers, cayenne pepper and/or paprika powder for a spicy soup
– You might like to experiment with cumin seeds, fennel seeds and crushed pumpkin seeds

Delicious pumpkin soup
Delicious pumpkin soup

Options B
– Add a chopped bunch of coriander leaves before serving (don’t boil cilantro!)
– Add fresh, chopped parsley before serving
– Add fresh lemon juice or orange juice (nice with the cilantro!)
– Add walnuts, 1 whole on top & some chopped small in the soup
– Add a spoon of sour cream and chives to each serving

And what to do with the seeds?

Don’t throw them away! They are delicious & healthy (loaded with protein and fiber). With rinsing them under the running tap and rubbing the sticky orange stuff off, you’ll get:
– your next year’s seeds
– a great snack when you roast them.

For next year’s seeds you use only the thickest ones. Let them dry on a few layers of toilet paper for a week before you store them cool & dry.

If you want to make a great snack with pumpkin seeds, try this:
After rinsing/cleaning the seeds, let them dry a bit.
Salty roasted seeds: sprinkle oil over them and add seasoning like salt, garlic, paprika powder or cayenne pepper, grounded ginger….
Sweet roasted seeds: stir them with some honey and add sugar (and cinamon).

Bake the seeds on an oven tray in 10 minutes on 160 degrees Celcius (300 Fahrenheit) and don’t forget to shake them after 5 minutes.
Let them cool down so they become crunchy.

Eat them by biting off the pointed tip to crack the shell, and enjoy the tasty inner seed.

Have a nice pumpkin time!

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